Elena Monzo | Carosello
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Colossi Arte Contemporanea

Women into the limelight

Dancers, contortionists, new image-symbol and pop-culture singers/stylists are the main subjects of Elena Monzo artworks. This new series of works – now on show @ Colossi Arte Contemporanea, curator Alberto Mattia Martini – is discovering the maturity and evolution of the artist in the research work about the female figure in nowadays society.
The artist undergoes a profound analysis of commonly accepted patterns of this society, challenging them with the same tools: glitters, make-up, shocking colours, textiles and fashion images. The result is a collage work creating new and unconventional individuals – I would say, both sex-symbols (singers, actress, models from gossip magazines and fashion world) and odd individuals (drag queens, transgender, circus contortionists) of our society. The clash between what is accepted and not-accepted explodes with its huge power on the works on paper.
In general, the show displays a good balance between white (Elena Monzo’s most distinctive production since her beginning) and colour surface (her latest development).
The development of the collage technique is remarkable: the artist takes confidence with new materials and tools that merge perfectly with her unique drawing ability. The line on the white surface emerges sharp and clean, no hesitation is showed. Seems like she translates clearly the female idea in her mind onto the surface.
Elena Monzo’s premier dames are inviting you to have a cup of tea, tasting hand-made cup cakes and to chat together in a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

HAPPY PACKAGING, Solo show, curated by Alberto Mattia Martini